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The Right Strategy Can Make All The Difference

Tuesday, April 27, 2021   /   by Michael O'Neal

The Right Strategy Can Make All The Difference

The #1 obstacle stopping home buyers in Houston from buying a home right now is the crazy market we’re in.

Here are the most common reasons why they may be having trouble in this market. 

1.Low inventory
2.Unqualified credit
3.Unsure of the buying process
4.Need to sell before they buy

Unfortunately, to overcome all of these obstacles you almost need to be everywhere at once, and you need to know how to navigate through the mayhem of everyone else working to get the same home you are. 

It’s not fair, and if you're alone, it’s not fun, but I think I can help.

I’m Michael with The Michael O’Neal Group and we specialize in helping dozens of buyers in and around Houston purchase a home even in the crazy market we’re in today. Want a personal home buying strategy session and find out exactly what it takes to find a home, and put in a winning offer? Click below to schedule a free home buying strategy session. 

P.S. In the past our team has helped buyers win offers buyers without being the highest bidder.

P.P.S That could be the difference from paying $5K-$10K more or saving $5K-$10K more.